Kryon Systems is looking for an experienced BA to join our Business Development team and play a key role in defying and implementing the company’s strategy, identifying and analyzing strategic opportunities and structuring the company’s go to market based on a data and deep analysis driven approach.

The role will also include identifying and analyzing strategic partners and strategic value clients, participating in the establishment of company wide KPI methodologies and implementing data driven decision making matrix.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field (Business/Industrial Eng.) – a must.
  • 2+ years of experience in business analysis (preferably as a consultant in a strategic consulting firm and/or working with technology companies with an emphasis on Enterprise SW).
  • Strong analytical skills in general and strategic analysis skills specifically.
  • Knowledge in automation, AI/ML.
  • Previous experience and understanding the way large organizations manage process performance and enterprise SW ROI methodologies.
  • Familiar with standard applications and tools (i.e. ERP, BPM, CRM and BI tools).
  • Ability to map and analyze the use cases on various enterprise applications from a high level (vertical) to very granular (specific company).
  • Ability to structure results from data driven analysis into clear insight that can be used as is by various organizations within the company (sales, product, marketing).
  • Strong proficiency with Microsoft Excel.
  • Proficient knowledge of BPM implementations.


  • Provide ongoing insight derived from analysis on verticals, geographies and specific companies/partners.
  • Take active role in the company’s business development and sales activities in an analytical driven perspective.
  • Lead and generate analysis and insight driven projects.
  • Manage “live” competitive analysis matrix.

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