Kryon, a profitable and fast-growing AI robotics startup specializing in process automation tools. We are an alternative workforce provider, specializing in self-learning bots that carry out repetitive tasks for Fortune 500 and small business customers. Our solution, driven by data and technology, enables workplaces execution of non-creative tasks at zero operational cost, at all hours 365/24/7. By solving for the availability of time, Kryon increases work velocity and improves employee focus on tasks that require human insight for their decision and execution.

Our goal is making Automation easy. Doing this is a challenge as Kryon products are offered to production Customers environments without prior training data or procedures. We strive to create a seamless onboarding experience for our Customers while also providing the tools to our Partners to customize their own process flows. We build our tools to self-learn and continuously adapt to the business target function, and customized to a specific use case. From process discovery to helping managers make the most of their business flows, our team creates the tools to make intelligent decisions about our Customers that help guide their first steps and win their loyalty.

Discovery on Kryon is all about finding things to work better, even if you don’t know at first what you’re looking for. The Visual Discovery engineering team at Kryon is tasked with building technology that will help people to continue to do just that, by building technology that captures and understands the objects in a person’s work environment.

The process for developing an effective AI pipeline is iterative. Before an effective network algorithm is reached, many parameters must be evaluated and their impact on performance assessed. Our machine intelligence solution is implemented into a pipeline of stages, both parallel and sequential including image recognition, text recognition, classification, segmentation, correlation, neural networks, NLP, OCR, deep reinforcement and optimization. By using all data available to workers as input, the models continuously optimize and improve accuracy.

Over the last year we’ve been extending the core technology and building a large-scale, cost-effective machine vision pipeline and stack with widely available tools with just a few engineers. We face several main challenges in deploying a commercial visual capture system, and are searching for you – talented, creative and fun to work with!

The core technology is proven, patented and used globally by Fortune 500 and SMBs in the last 9 years.

How would you like to solve one of the biggest problems in the next industrial revolution? If you have a passion for the intersection between business and technology, and you enjoy the process of solving complex problems using data and code, then we want to work with you!

Kryon is building an AI technology platform that is saving Millions of dollars a day, 7 days a week in time, velocity and employee retention. We are using technology to redefine core parts of business infrastructure and enable cheaper, friendlier and more transparent products and work environments that increase commerce. We believe the business workforce industry is fundamentally broken. Not only is the core infrastructure built with technology and concepts from the 1970s, but there are a dwindling number of people who say “I trust my company is efficient”. It doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s our mission to fix this problem. 

Kryon is rapidly growing and we are looking for a highly experienced engineer who lives and breathes technology, loves clean code and has strong business skills together with deep understanding of software infrastructure design. Become a part of a dedicated, focused team of professionals and become a key player in shaping up and designing the application frameworks and pipelines. Work in an Agile (Scrum) environment and help us to continuously deliver our product to customers and SaaS solution to production (AWS).

The team key goal is making Automation easy, both for our Customers and internally for product operations. We believe that everything that can be automated should be automated, and we always make time to continuously improve, preferably with OS tools that we use and contribute to. Our development framework is improving iteratively and includes tools such as Angular2.0, micro-services, on top of our client applications and SaaS cloud on AWS and GCP.

Our passion is releasing quality applications. We define the strategy and methodology to build and test simple UX interfaces with smart backend logic, complex heuristics, well defined interfaces; and engineer the core infrastructure to support it.


  • 5+ Years of .net development experience.
  • 2+ Experience in development of WCF services.
  • Deep understanding of .net internals, memory management.
  • Experience in usage of Windows API.
  • Experience in memory and performance optimization.
  • Deep understanding in software design patterns and practices.
  • Experience in building micro-services & Angular2/Javascript web applications.
  • 1+ year working experience in Agile, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.
  • Experience in planning, estimation and elaboration.
  • A Team player


  • Experience in C# 7
  • Development experience in WPF
  • Development experience in C++,Java
  • Development experience in Jenkins, Selenium, Angular2.0, Jasmine, Protractor
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetese
  • Experience in algorithm optimization
  • Experience in SaaS web based applications

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