Robotic Process Automation Solutions

Intelligent Automation for Your Business Processes

Kryon Systems delivers innovative, intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions that drive enterprise digital transformation. Our flagship platform, Leo, allows companies to automate business processes quickly and easily to improve operational performance and maximize business outcomes in the workplace.

Leo RPA improves the business bottom-line by reducing loss attributed to process errors, cutting operational costs, and providing rapid results. It also helps achieve operational excellence by improving productivity and its ability to respond rapidly to changing business processes.

The only RPA platform designed to support your virtual and human workforce alike

Today’s RPA solutions automate specific tasks within the process. Tasks executed by a robot will obviously benefit from maximum efficiency and accuracy. However, at Kryon we recognized the need to improve all steps in the business process including those executed by people. To this end, the Kryon platform provides both unattended automation, to offload rules-based business processes to a virtual workforce, as well as attended automation that delivers application guidance and task automation to your human workforce.

Together, these intelligent RPA solutions result in substantial operational improvement, low total cost of ownership and significant ROI results on automation investments.

Unattended Automation

Leo lets you automate any rules based business application (desktop, web, legacy, Citrix) with no integration with existing applications. Based on patented visual and OCR technologies, Leo robots “see” the screen and interact with an application just as a person would. With zero integration, RPA projects can be up and running in days versus weeks or months – leading to enormous cost savings and quick ROI.

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Attended Automation

Leo can be deployed on an employee’s desktop to provide attended automation for tasks that cannot be fully automated. With attended desktop automation, human workers can trigger automation processes directly from their business application, at the time of need. Capable of supporting both front office and back office processes, the Leo platform delivers corporate-wide business process improvement.

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