Hybrid Automation

End-to-End Business Process Automation

Introducing the first collaborative human-robot workforce

Traditional RPA enables repetitive, rules-based tasks to be offloaded to a robotic (software) workforce for execution on virtual machines, where they will be processed more efficiently and with greater accuracy than if done manually. However, such tasks generally represent only a small portion of the end-to-end business process. Using Kryon’s unique Hybrid RPA solution, these same benefits can be reaped throughout the entire business process regardless of whether a person or robot is executing the task. Furthermore, Kryon’s solution enables tasks to be passed back and forth between the two workforces with full visibility to create a collaborative interaction between human and virtual workers. The result is a genuine end-to-end solution that will create a truly unified workforce comprised of people and robots that maximizes efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.

A Hybrid World Calls for Kryon’s Hybrid RPA

With Kryon’s new Hybrid RPA solution, people can initiate processes and then seamlessly pass tasks within the process to a robot for action as needed. The robot will then execute the process and notify the employee of the status of the task on a personal desktop queue. This expedited offloading process allows the employee to concentrate on higher-level, creative, more strategic tasks that are a better fit for people. Once the robot has successfully executed the offloaded task, the person will be notified instantly and can continue the next step in process if/as needed.


  • Initiate robotic process automation tasks from user desktops
  • Track task status in the personal queue
  • Return output to user when task completes
  • Continue task on user desktop if required