Performance Support

When Actual Results Don’t Meet Expectations

If your organization is like most enterprises, they’ve spent thousands if not millions of dollars each year on the deployment of business applications. These investments were made to improve employee productivity, efficiency and process quality, towards positively affecting the business bottom line.  However, despite comprehensive training programs, people simply cannot learn and retain 100% of what they need to know to use their business applications fully, to complete business processes efficiently and accurately towards the achievement of desired results. The result is a gap between actual and desired performance which we refer to as The Performance Gap.

Employees are expected to perform tasks and complete business processes at a defined level of quality and efficiency. However, the execution of complex business processes, often across multiple applications, presents a challenge to users especially when change is a constant in the organization. When inadequate retention of skills and knowledge delivered in training programs and simple human error is added to the equation, the effect to business operations can be considerate – decreased productivity and process quality. Exactly the opposite result that the investments in HR and technology were meant to deliver.

CAUSES of the Performance Gap

Ongoing change

IMPACT to the Organization


Bridging the Performance Gap

Leo Performance Support was developed specifically to bridge the performance gap by providing just-in-time process guidance and task automation to ensure that employees are able to complete business processes efficiently and accurately.

Leo assists users in all their moments of need, directly within the business process, in real time. In short, helping users get the job done and business achieve their KPI.

The Kryon Approach to Performance Support

At Kryon, we take a 360o approach to performance support insofar that we don’t view performance support simply as the deployment of a software application but rather as the implementation of an enterprise performance methodology focused on facilitating the achievement of business results.

We designed intelligent performance support especially for the business user

The Kryon approach is multi-faceted: our solution facilitates knowledge transfer to address the training requirements of performance support in addition to delivering many of the capabilities available in desktop automation solutions. However, what differentiates Kryon is that we designed intelligent performance support especially for the business user. Therefore, it is designed for SMEs who have first-hand knowledge of the business challenges and issues for which the system will be deployed to overcome.

The Kryon methodology incorporates the following:

At the outset of any project, we identify the specific business processes that are affecting business results to  define the root cause of the problem.  Taking into consideration the work life cycle of relevant users (new hire, tenured) we define the appropriate solution to deliver the optimum support. The output is a performance support solution design that is lean and targeted to deliver business results.
Providing assistance at one step of a business process, on a single application, does not ensure that the outcome will deliver the desired results as business processes often employ tasks across multiple applications. We look at the complete (end-to-end) business process and desired outcome, rather than applying support only on a specific step or within a single application. The performance support solution is therefore designed to facilitate the successful completion of the business process across all relevant applications.
There are many components of performance support ranging from step-by-step guidance and context-sensitive support to fully automated business processes. Leo Performance Support delivers application guidance, just-in-time knowledge transfer, process validation, error blocking, task acceleration, and more to address all the needs of the user when they ‘know they don’t know’ and ‘when they don’t know they don’t know’.

The Kryon 360 Methodology covers the following:

  1. Define the desired results (measurable KPI)
  2. Identify the root cause of the problems prohibiting desired performance (taking into consider the work lifecycle stage of the user)
  3. Design a comprehensive solution which applies the right support at the right time across the end-to-end business process.