Back Office Operations

Improve productivity, avoid errors, and enforce compliance.

Solutions_BackOfficeTo maximize organizational profits, back office workers must complete processes quickly, effectively and correctly. Many back office processes are repetitive and tedious, causing users to seek shortcuts and deviate from predefined policies and procedures. This results in non-compliance risks.

Business processes often involve operating multiple disconnected systems. Users are required to copy and paste information from one system to another, achieving far from optimal throughputs. In addition, when users perform the same task over and over again, any change in conditions represents a potential pitfall for the user to make a mistake.

Leo is used to automate back office processes, bridge between systems, and overlook user performance to maximize productivity, eliminate user errors, and ensure compliance with the organization’s policies and procedures.

Claim Processing

Insurance companies in healthcare, vehicle, property, life and other industries process millions of claims in their back office operations. As an essential part of the insurance process, payers invest excessive and expensive resources in claim processing operations. However, it is the back office agent’s competencies and proficiencies that determine the organization’s efficiency level.

Leo improves the insurance organization’s results by increasing the back-office staff’s productivity, reducing user mistakes and ensuring adherence to processes and procedures.

Order Processing

In competitive markets where margins are thin, there is no room for errors. Any minor user mistake during back office order processing might shift profits to losses.
Shipping address mistakes in, incorrect quantities or wrong products result in returns, reprocessing and poor customer satisfaction.

Leo streamlines order processing in back office operations to guarantee that margins do not vanish due to staff mistakes.

Back Office Operations can rely on the Leo Performance Assurance Solution to:

  • Speed up productivity
    • Automation of repetitive tasks.
    • Automatic copying and pasting from one system to another.
    • Automatic form completion.
    • Improve users time-to-proficiency.
  • Reduce avoidable costs
    • Eliminate user errors.
    • Validate form data.
    • Reduce helpdesk and support calls.
  • Improve compliance
    • Real-time user guidance through organizational processes and procedures.
    • User activity tracking and reporting.