Contact Center Operations

Turn all agents into top performers

Solutions_ContactCentersContact center agents are often required to be familiar with dozens of processes and several systems such as CRM, Billing, and KM, to name a few.

Business processes tend to be complex, cross different systems, involve many steps, and in many cases vary according to specific customer cases. Agents’ proficiency levels directly reflect on the contact center’s performance and, by extension, on business results.

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Call Optimization

Leo’s unique in-application guidance and automation ensures agent performance at the expected level from the first time, every time. Leo guides the user in real time, on the live application, while the customer is on the phone, until successful completion of the desired task.

The guided process ensures that agents follow the contact center’s best-practice protocol to optimize call duration and eliminates user mistakes, resulting in a better first-call-resolution ratio.

Customer Satisfaction

Knowledgeable and proficient agents deliver better care to your customers and improve customer satisfaction. Leo fills agents’ competency gaps by delivering knowledge and information to the agents’ desktops, in real time, at the time of need, so they’ll always provide the right answer.

The solution eliminates the need of agents to place the customer on hold and seek for answers. Instead, agents can focus on what’s really important: Your customer.

Up- and Cross-Sell

Leo can improve your contact center’s top line by delivering timely up-sale and cross-sale recommendations to your agents while the customer is on the phone. Based on predefined rules and the customer’s background, Leo can push notifications to provide agents with sales recommendations that are likely to yield a better sales results.


Leo’s unique push technology allows business managers to enforce agent adherence to policies and procedures, thus improving contact center compliance and reducing risk. Leo enables adding a logic overlay to any application, without altering the application itself and without writing a single line of code.

The solution supports form validation, screen blocking, contextual recommendations, and other capabilities, all to ensure better compliance.


Contact centers often suffer from higher than usual employee turnaround, forcing constant delivery of onboard training programs to new agents in addition to regular refreshers and training upon change of business processes or applications.
Leo significantly improves training effectiveness and reduces training duration.
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