Front Office Operations

In-application process guidance and automation for better customer service

Solutions_FrontOfficeCustomer-facing employees are the most important assets for many organizations. Whether it is a hotel front-desk clerk or the family physician, the storefront sales person or the bank teller, their individual performance directly affects their organizations’ business results.

Organizations invest in recruiting and developing the best talent. But when it comes to mastering different daily operational systems, they rely on their workforce’s proficiency and competencies to perform correctly, effectively and according to the organization’s policies and procedures. Employees’ lack of operational know-how leads to mistakes, poor productivity and low customer satisfaction.

Leo significantly improves business results by empowering customer-facing employees with access to real-time, in-application process guidance and automation, so employees can focus on what’s in front of them – your customer. In addition, Leo facilitates corporate communication by delivering timely information to employees, in the right context, at the right time.


In today’s computerized world, health care providers, hospitals, clinics, pharmacists, and laboratories rely on software applications to run their service. Doctors, nurses, technicians and receptionists must be proficient when handling a variety of systems and dozens of processes. In addition to increased productivity, reduced error rates and lowered support costs, Leo is used by HMOs to ensure users’ adherence to policies and procedures, thus mitigating non-compliance risks.

Customer: Clalit Health Services
Description: The largest HMO provider in Israel with 14 hospitals, more than 1,400 clinics and hundreds of laboratories and pharmacies.
Leo users: 20,000 Doctors, nurses and office administration.
Use cases: Clalit uses Leo to reduce user mistakes, cut support costs, and improve staff competencies. Leo is also used to proactively communicate changes in policies and procedures to users in real-time and in the right context (when performing the updated task).


It is a difficult challenge to train and make a large group of users proficient upon rollout of a new software application. It is equally challenging to maintain a consistent customer experience when provided by different employees. But it is 10 times harder to achieve all this when users are spread around the world, in relatively small groups and can’t afford to stop providing service while in training.
This is precisely the situation in the hospitality space. Hotel chains and other providers employ their customer-facing staff in small groups in different locations, rendering system deployment, consistent customer experience, training, and helpdesk support very difficult and expensive missions.
Leo enables large and distributed organizations such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, and other chains to maintain a consistent customer experience across different branches, by delivering in-application guidance and support for new and existing applications.

Customer: : A leading hotel chain
Description: A global leader in hotels and hospitality provider operating thousands of hotels worldwide.
Leo users: 10,500 Hotel managers and front-desk clerks.
Use cases: The company has selected Leo Performance Assurance software to aid hotel managers and front-desk agents with operating new and existing software services.


Bank tellers are required to remember many long, complicated and highly regulated processes that may span across different systems and applications. Some processes are used more frequent than others, some differ according to the customer situation and some may change due to market or regulatory demand. The banking environment makes it very difficult for bank tellers to master these different processes. A non-proficient or non-competenct bank teller immediately loses the customer’s trust. In addition, in many cases banks cannot afford to risk any end-user mistakes which may result in high costs and poor reputation.
Leo provides immediate access to information, guidance and automation for any business process, regardless of its complexity, across different banking systems.

Customer: A domestic regional bank
Description: US based, small-to-medium regional bank with more than 100 branches.
Leo users: 1,000 Bank tellers and employees.
Use cases: Users gain access to in-application guidance in real time for infrequent processes and processes with costly end-user mistakes.