Sales Operations

Sales Operations

Hitting sales operations KPI today is no easy task.  To remain on top, you hire the best sales team and invest in training programs and tools.  Significant investments are made in deploying the best systems and technology – all designed to improve your organization’s sales performance.

Despite all this – or in spite of it – your salespeople still find it difficult to meet their sales quotas; what they learned in training is forgotten shortly afterward, locating the information they need in the CRM takes too much time, and they are ironically overwhelmed by the complexity of technology that is supposed to make their jobs easier.  So now what?

Leo Performance Support addresses the challenges facing sales operations

Leo Performance Support incorporates business logic to deliver sophisticated functionality designed to help your sales team overcome performance challenges and get the job done.  Users can choose two modes of support directly within their business application:

  • Guide Me takes users through each step of a business process directly within the application to successfully complete online tasks – like a GPS for business applications.
  • Do It is your autopilot – automating tasks so sales people can concentrate on the customer and not data entry.

Leo Sensors recognize exactly where a person is within a business process and if they are executing a task according to policy.  Leo can deliver in-application instructions to ensure the process is completed accurately.  Additionally, Leo can prompt sales people to up-sell/cross-sell within the process and provide the relevant information when it’s needed most – while on the phone with a customer!

Winning sales teams use Leo to:

Increase revenue (up sell/cross sell)

Leo provides sales agents with next-best-action sales recommendations. It identifies sales opportunities by analyzing the customer profile and eligibility for possible promotions or sales campaigns while the call takes place. This helps find the high quality deals faster, shorten deal time, and allows the sales team to focus on high value leads first.

Accelerate productivity

Leo offers context relevant support. It applies business rules and logic according to the process in which the sales person is engaged and then provides them with the relevant information at the moment of need, thus expediting the task. Getting information to the customer faster, means the deal time is shortened along with an increased likelihood of a successful closing.

Prevent costly errors

Even your “A” team is going to make errors. After all, we are only human. Unfortunately, these errors can sometimes come at a high price (lost sales for example), especially if you consistently notice similar errors by multiple users. Leo identifies errors in real-time, based on pre-defined rules. It alerts the user and then guides them through the correct task completion, preventing costly errors. Simple mistakes can harm a relationship with a customer and even cause them to leave. Fewer errors translate to happier customers and happier sales teams.

Focus on the customer

Leo allows sales people to concentrate on the conversation with the customer. Task automation performs the actions/steps for the user when they don’t know what to do. This not only helps expedite the process, but also the customer is thrilled not to have to repeat their information over and over again.

Simplify complex systems

Needless complexity can cause the best sales team to perform below their potential. Performance support guides users through each step of the business process (within the application) towards its successful completion. Think of it like a GPS for business applications, as long as you know the destination it will get you there. This provides your sales team with both the peace of mind and confidence they need to focus on the customer and follow through with the task at hand.

Leo works alongside the user providing invaluable information to maximize efficiency, ensure process accuracy and support customer engagement teams to get the job done with maximum results!

Here’s how it works:

  • 2 Modes of Operation: Guide Me takes users through each step of an application (within the application) to successfully complete online tasks – like a GPS for business applications. Do It is your autopilot – automating tasks so sales people can concentrate on the customer and not data entry.
  • Leo understands user behavior and performs the actions/steps for the user by moving/clicking the mouse, stopping only for the user to enter variable information.
  • Leo sees the information on the screen, identifies errors in real-time based on pre-defined rules, guides the user through the correct task completion.
  • Applies business rules and logic according to the situation in which the user is engaged.
  • Understand business rules to build sales processes that work for each organization.
  • Verifies that user input is in accordance with corporate policies and/or regulations.
  • Leo does not require any integration or programming skills to deploy and can be implemented faster (not by an IT user but by a business user).