Employee Training

Shorten training duration, Improve learning effectiveness

Solutions_TrainingOrganizations spend thousands, and sometimes millions, on learning management systems, eLearning authoring tools and training facilities. eLearning, simulations, virtual instruction and other learning materials are being developed just to see trainees’ proficiency drop soon after they’re back at their desks, handling live situations. Knowledge retention is known to be poor: up to 90% of what employees are taught is forgotten within two weeks after training.

Traditional training methods, specifically related to system training, separate the declarative parts (the “why” and “what”) from the procedural part (the “when” and “how”), adding sin to a crime by making the training program even longer.
The Leo Performance Assurance solution has proven to significantly improve training programs directly and indirectly.

Improve Learning Effectiveness with Situated Learning

When used for traditional training, Leo facilitates the transition to the innovative learning method known as situated learning. In situated learning, a.k.a. Scenario Based Learning, the declarative content is taught during procedural practice. Cognitive theory claims that situated learning results in high knowledge retention rates and high levels of perceived self-efficiency (confidence) for the specific scenarios.

Leo customers who adopted situated learning in their formal training courses have seen up to 80% improvement in their learners’ proficiency score when compared to traditional learning methods.

Shorten Training Duration without Compromising Performance

Leo indirectly shortens the training duration by supporting users in real-time, in the live application on all infrequent tasks. Rare tasks and infrequent scenarios are part of any traditional training program because organizations must make sure their employees are familiar with any situation they may encounter.
However, since these tasks and procedures seldom occur in live environments, the knowledge and skills required to handle these are the first to dissolve. With Leo, organizations feel comfortable eliminating large portions of their training programs knowing that Leo is there to support their users at the time of need, from the first encounter and every time.

Leo customers were able to reduce up to 50% of their on-board training programs by replacing infrequent topics with on-the-job, real-time Leo support.