The Leo Platform

All Applications, No Integration, No Coding


Designed for Performance

The Leo platform provides a complete solution to secure optimal performance for organizations.
Leo is designed for performance: to seamlessly navigate users through any corporate application and business process, and to complete tasks quickly and error-free on any live application, in real-time.

All Applications, No Integration

Based on unique and proprietary visual recognition technologies, the platform assumes application independence, supports any application regardless of its underlying technology, and requires no integration with the supported application. Leo is easy to use, installs in just a few minutes and requires zero setup time.

Supporting Users at the Moment of Need

When users know they don’t know

When users get stuck and don’t know how to proceed, when they forget how to handle a specific situation, or when they are new to the task or to the organization, they click the Leo icon and Pull in-application assistance.

When users don’t know they don’t know

When users are unaware of a process change, unknowingly about to make a costly mistake, or when management needs to communicate timely information in the right context, Leo is used to Push in-application interventions, in real-time, at the moment of need.