The Leo Platform

One Platform. Endless Possibilities for Automation.


The Leo platform uses Kryon Systems’ patented visual recognition technology which combines sophisticated IMR and OCR capabilities to record and execute processes running on any application (including Citrix, web-based, legacy and desktop), as well as across multiple applications, without the need for integration (no connectors/API required).

Scalable, Secure Platform Architecture

Our full client-server network infrastructure offers quick deployment, high scalability, reliability, and rapid response to change.

The Leo server also provides enhanced security to ensure only authorized clients can access or manipulate data.

Leo Server

Robust Authoring Environment

Designed for Business Users

The Leo Studio is a robust authoring environment designed for rapid development and maintenance of automation process scenarios.

Its visual interface allows business users to easily drag and drop process activities, with virtually no learning curve, so you are not limited by time and availability of your in-house developers or external resources.

Leo Studio

Real-Time Monitoring & Control

Anytime, Anywhere

The Leo Console enables real-time monitoring, remote configuration, scheduling and management of your robotic workforce anytime, anywhere.

The intuitive and interactive dashboard, makes it simple and effortless for anyone in the organization to deploy and manage Leo Robots.

Leo Console


Unattended Automation

Leo Robots execute your rules-based business processes, just as if a person was completing the task themselves. Once deployed, Leo Robots work 24/7 with amazing accuracy at a fraction of your current costs.

Leo Robot

Attended Automation

Leo Players allow users to automate tasks on their desktops such as: form completion, data transfer from one system to another, and other time-consuming swivel chair activities.

Leo Player