Leo Player

Multiply your best performer

Leo can be deployed on an employee’s desktop to provide attended automation for tasks that cannot be fully automated. With attended desktop automation, human workers can trigger automation processes directly from their business application, at the time of need.

Leo Player is a lightweight application that allows users to choose the type of support they want to receive by selecting:

a) ‘Guide Me’ mode: Leo navigates the user through the process by pointing out the next step and providing necessary support, information, and guidance.

b) ‘Do It’ mode: Leo automates tasks by controlling the user’s mouse and keyboard and drives the target application to complete the desired task.

Leo’s attended automation solution dramatically cuts time to proficiency for any user operating new application or software release. Users need not spend time trying to practice or memorize (as they often don’t) where a feature is located, which fields to fill in or what to do next. They can simply ask Leo to do it for them.

  • Supports Any Application
    Web based, Desktop, Emulators (mainframes), Java, .NET, HTML, etc.
  • Requires No Integration
    Using visual recognition capabilities, Leo “understands” the user’s screen just like a human would. It thus requires no integration to the supported application, and leaves no footprint in the application.
  • Cross-Application Support
    Leo supports users throughout the entire process, including when crossing between systems and applications.
  • Do It mode
    Unique to Leo. Leo drives the live application for the user, pausing only when the user’s input is required.
  • Guide Me mode
    Just like a GPS, Leo shows the way inside the live application and the user follows.
  • Pull and Push Support
    Leo supports users when they know they don’t know (by searching and pulling support processes) and when they don’t know they don’t know (by pushing support interventions at the time of need to the user’s desktop).
  • Powerful Search Engine
    A linguistic-based search engine allows easy and flexible search for support processes.

Demo Videos

Leo Player Demo – Do It

This short video clip demonstrates Leo support in a DO IT mode.

Leo Player Demo – Guide Me

This short video clip demonstrates Leo support in a GUIDE ME mode.