Leo Studio

The most advanced Performance Support authoring tool. Period.

Leo Studio

Leo Studio

The Leo Studio is a robust authoring environment designed for rapid development and maintenance of advanced, in-application, performance improvement solutions.

This comprehensive tool allows subject-matter experts and content developers to design, build, test and deploy company-wide performance interventions to ensure optimal user performance.

The Leo Studio is used to record the organization’s best practices and business processes on any and across different software systems. The recorded workflows are then edited by the content authors using Leo Studio’s rich set of features and capabilities that support adding messages, alerts, prompts, decision points, field auto-fill, form validations and automations, all done quickly and according to the desired business goals and target audience.

The Leo Studio requires no special connectors, code level integration, or IT involvement. Based on a proprietary and patent-pending technology, Leo Studio is ready to support ANY software application in ANY technology, including Web based, SaaS, Desktop, Java, Silverlight, Flash, emulators (mainframe), and homegrown software. NO integration is needed, and there is ZERO setup time.

  • Works with any application
    No integration or technical skills required.
  • Immediate delivery
    Publish content to end users with a click of a button. No IT involvement required.
  • Maximize eLearning investment
    Works with existing Learning and Support Infrastructure.
  • Pull content support
    Makes support content available for users to pull when they know they need it.
  • Push content support
    Enables organizations to push support content and information to users, in the right context, at the right time, when they don’t know they need it.
  • Single source
    Capture and edit once to create multiple supporting outputs including in-application guidance, in-application automation, automatic interventions, contextual messages, documentation, presentations and video tutorials.

Demo Videos

Leo Studio Demo

This video clip demonstrates how Leo Studio is used to create support processes.