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Kryon Full-Cycle Automation for Telecommunications

Reduce operating expenses, improve employee efficiency and customer service

Key Challenges Facing the Telecommunications Industry

Digital technologies are disrupting telecom business models and reshaping customer expectations
Tightening Margins
With fierce competition from OTTs, many telcos are facing a steep drop in basic communications service revenues, forcing them to reduce OPEX and CAPEX.
Transformation into Digital Services Providers
Operators must evolve into digital service providers, reimagining their business models, upgrading network infrastructure and creating next-gen offerings for their customers – fast and at scale.
High Customer Service Expectations
Telcos who struggle to meet the demand for high network availability and superior service across all channels face high rates of customer churn and risk losing credibility.
Disparate Applications at the Core
Telcos must manage several platforms and applications to support multiple products and services. This leads to siloed data, disparate services and complex processes all of which may not be integrated.

How Kryon Full-Cycle Automation is Empowering Telecommunications Providers

Boosting agility, productivity and customer success.

RPA In Telecom - Removing the burden of process
Removing the burden of process

Kryon’s Full-Cycle Automation Suite enables telcos to not only reduce OPEX and CAPEX, but to boost customer responsiveness. By streamlining execution of once complex, labor-intensive and time-consuming processes such as billing, data entry, ticket management, and order fulfillment, full-cycle automation frees telcos to be more dynamic.

Telcos using Kryon RPA report achieving:

  • A higher ROI from realizing business outcomes faster
  • A truly scalable workforce capable of being sized up or down within hours
  • Near-zero error rates
  • Better adherence to regulatory and corporate procedures

RPA In Telecom - Significant reduction in TCO
Significant reduction in TCO

Kryon Full-Cycle Automation customers enjoy RPA at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). That’s because Kryon’s patented visual recognition technology allows business users to intuitively build automation scenarios on any application themselves – without the need for integration, coding skills, or reliance on extensive programming resources. This speeds up process development time and lowers the cost per hour.

Kryon enables telcos to save through:

  • Lower per ‘headcount’ costs – a fraction of a traditional workforce
  • Technology that is application-agnostic, requiring no complex integration
  • Decreased need for ongoing training
  • Easy scaling of virtual workforces to handle increases in transactions during peak times

RPA In Telecom - Hybrid Automation
Hybrid Automation
Not all telecom processes are fit for unattended automation – and rightly so. In processes such as customer-relationship building, where a “human touch” is essential, Kryon’s Hybrid Automation solution accommodates a collaborative interaction between your virtual and human workforces. With our Hybrid RPA, users can seamlessly pass tasks within a process to a robot for execution and alternatively, a robot can send a task to a person when a human decision needs to be taken. The result is an end-to-end solution that maximizes flexibility and efficiency.

See How Telecommunication Providers can Benefit from Kryon’s Full-Cycle Automation Suite

Kryon RPA in Telecom Use Case

Kryon's RPA In Telecom Use Case
How an APAC Telecommunications Provider Increased Process Efficiency with Kryon’s Full-Cycle Automation Suite

A leading telecommunications company was looking for a way to streamline purchase order processing. Before implementing Kryon’s Full-Cycle Automation Suite, raising purchase orders was an inefficient and bureaucratic process involving complex exchanges of information and authorization requirements.

With the implementation of Kryon’s solution, the company achieved a 300% increase in productivity, and benefited from considerable workforce savings.

Kryon Intelligent RPA Solutions

Delivering Continuous Process Optimization
Identify all of your processes that should be automated for time and cost savings, and let us generate automation workflows for you.
Offload mundane, repetitive and time-consuming business processes to your Kryon virtual workforce for quick and efficient execution on a virtual server.
Kryon Robots empower employees to complete tasks with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, guiding them through processes or automating “swivel chair” activities.
Kryon enhances productivity at every step of your business processes by enabling collaboration between your virtual and human workforces.