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Kryon Attended Automation

Empower your employees with the most robust desktop RPA solution

Leverage Attended RPA
for Corporate-Wide
Process Improvement

RPA helps organizations offload high-volume back office tasks to a virtual workforce, increasing operational efficiency and cutting costs. However, there will always be tasks within a process that require human intervention, especially in customer engagement scenarios or where strategic decisions need to be made. Kryon’s Attended Automation solution extends the benefits of RPA to your human workforce, giving employees the means to expedite business processes, reduce errors and improve corporate compliance.

End users can call on Kryon’s Attended Robots to help them perform tasks directly from their desktops.

Employees can choose to automate ‘swivel chair’ activities such as form completion and data transfers. Or Kryon Attended RPA Robots can guide users through business tasks step-by-step (like a GPS). With time-consuming, tasks taken care of by Kryon Robots, employees are free to focus on improving customer satisfaction or other high-value tasks.

Capable of supporting both front and back office processes, Kryon RPA provides a greater ROI on your automation investment by delivering corporate-wide business process improvement.


Better Employee
and Customer

Nearly 50% of activities performed by employees are mundane administrative tasks that can be automated. With Kryon, employees can assign such tasks to robots, or expedite them using in-application guidance so they have more time to focus on rewarding work and customer engagement.

and Oversight

By silently monitoring task execution on desktops, Kryon RPA ensures all processes are executed in line with regulation. If an issue occurs, a Kryon Robot alerts users and offers to complete the task or guides them until it is done correctly. Every action is logged and can be reviewed at any time, giving companies greater oversight, while also streamlining auditing.


Employees performing the same manual tasks over and over are prone to making mistakes. It’s only human. Kryon’s robots execute tasks the same way every time, without error. Our in-application guidance also ensures that processes are done in compliance with policy, accurately and efficiently.


End users can choose whether to have a Kryon Robot assist them in completing a task or do the task for them – directly from their desktop. With Attended Automation employees can switch between platforms and tasks with greater agility, an important advantage in customer-facing scenarios.

Key Features

Everything you need to empower your human workforce
Designed for Business Users

Our visual approach allows users to easily record business processes on any and across all systems. The process recordings can then be enhanced with our Advanced Commands directory including business rules, macros, custom code and more.

Supports Any Application, Without Integration

Citrix, web-based, desktop, emulators (mainframes), Java, .NET, HTML, etc. and more. Kryon supports end-users throughout the entire business process, including in situations where they need to move across systems and applications.

Built to Support Desktop Changes

Using proprietary image recognition technology, the Kryon platform can adapt to any visual changes on user desktops across the organization, such as different screen resolutions, font sizes, application themes, and more.

Do It Mode

Our Attended Robots drive the live application for the user, pausing only when the user’s input is required.

Guide Me Mode

Just like a GPS, Kryon’s robots guide a user on how to complete tasks in the live application and the user follows.


Desktop triggers that can be developed to ‘watch’ what a person is doing on a particular step of a process and if necessary, can push messages, guidance or offer automation to ensure a process is executed for maximum effectiveness and/or in compliance with policy.

What Sets Us Apart Sets You Apart

Kryon leads the way in RPA technologies. Powered by Kryon’s proprietary AI technology, our RPA solutions can address business challenges at every step of your digital transformation.

Enterprise RPA Solutions

Kryon’s solutions are manageable, secure and scalable for enterprise needs. Features such as multi-tenancy, roles and permissions, and client-server architecture enable agile, low-cost and efficient RPA Centers of Excellence.

Technology Powerhouse

Kryon is the only RPA vendor on the market with patented AI (image recognition and deep learning) technology. Our computer vision algorithms delivered unparalleled results on any application, without integration.

Designed for Business Users

Designed for process experts with no programming skills. Automated processes are easily created using the visual approach and can be augmented with extensive advanced commands.

Continuous Process Optimization

We take RPA a giant leap further with organization-wide Continuous Process Optimization. Leverage Process Discovery™, Intelligent RPA (unattended, attended, hybrid) and Smart Analytics to continually improve performance and maximize ROI.

Kryon Use Case

attended automation case study

Global Hotel Chain Saves Over $300k in Training Costs Using Kryon RPA

A major hotel and hospitality company with properties all over the world needed to provide hotel operators and their employees with systems and training support to keep their business competitive.

Using Kryon’s Attended Automation, the company provided their hotel associates and franchisees with relevant knowledge and support for their Property Management System (PMS) at the exact moment when users needed it most.