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Kryon Hybrid Automation

Combine the power of attended and unattended robots with today's leading hybrid RPA solution

Introducing the
First Collaborative

What if robots and humans could work as a team? Imagine how much more your enterprise could achieve. No matter if a person or robot is executing the task, Kryon’s unique Hybrid Automation lets you reap the benefits of RPA – greater accuracy, cost-savings, and efficiency – across the entire business process.

With Hybrid Automation your human and virtual workforces pass tasks back and forth to each other with full visibility, working together rather than in silos. The result: a genuine end-to-end RPA solution that combines robot efficiency and scalability with human creativity and flexibility.


and Synergies

Execute unlimited processes with a single Kryon Robot, including during peak periods. Our robots work 24/7, non-stop to execute more processes in less time.


Kryon Hybrid Automation gives employees full transparency over the tasks they delegate to Kryon Robots. Users can track task status and robot actions in a personal queue on their desktop and are notified by the robots when tasks are done.


Leverage RPA at every step of your business process. By offloading certain tasks to the virtual workforce, your employees can maximize their productivity and free up time to focus on higher-value tasks that grow your business.

Higher Employee
and Customer

Hybrid Automation is good for the soul of your organization. By assigning more of the tedious back office tasks to robots, your employees can spend more time on innovation, business excellence and engaging with customers.

Key Features

Let Robots Work for Your Employees

Employees can assign tasks to robots directly from their desktops, either proactively by choosing an automation scenario, or silently via a sensor.

Activate Robots with Input Parameters

Customize your hybrid automation to get input parameters from end-users via customized forms or by reading information directly from their screens.

Check Task Status at Any Time

End-users can track task status in real-time in a personal task queue on their desktops.

End-to-end Process Automation

When a robot completes a task, it notifies the end-user and they can continue the next step in the process if/as needed.

What Sets Us Apart Sets You Apart

Kryon leads the way in RPA technologies. Powered by Kryon’s proprietary AI technology, our RPA solutions can address business challenges at every step of your digital transformation.

Enterprise RPA Solutions

Kryon’s solutions are manageable, secure and scalable for enterprise needs. Features such as multi-tenancy, roles and permissions, and client-server architecture enable agile, low-cost and efficient RPA Centers of Excellence.

Technology Powerhouse

Kryon is the only RPA vendor on the market with patented AI (image recognition and deep learning) technology. Our computer vision algorithms delivered unparalleled results on any application, without integration.

Designed for Business Users

Designed for process experts with no programming skills. Automated processes are easily created using the visual approach and can be augmented with extensive advanced commands.

Continuous Process Optimization

We take RPA a giant leap further with organization-wide Continuous Process Optimization. Leverage Process Discovery™, Intelligent RPA (unattended, attended, hybrid) and Smart Analytics to continually improve performance and maximize ROI.

Kryon Use Case

Kryon Hybrid Automation Use Case

Insurance Firm Cuts Call Times By 70% with Kryon

A major insurance company sought to improve customer service at its call center. Prior to automation, customer calls were time-consuming and resulted in delayed customer transactions as agents needed to retrieve necessary Know-Your-Customer (KYC) information from multiple systems.

The insurer turned to Kryon’s Hybrid Automation to streamline the execution of KYC and Due Diligence processes, lowering calls from 10 minutes to about 3 minutes per call.