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Kryon Integrates with Citrix to Empower RPA Scalability

Citrix verifies Kryon as a certified trusted partner, enabling Robotic Process Automation developers and business users to interact natively with Citrix environments

NEW YORK – August 11, 2021 – Kryon®, the pioneers of full-cycle automation with an innovative approach to robotic process automation (RPA) and process discovery, today announced a new native integration with Citrix environments to support greater scalability of automation in the workplace. The integration will provide a seamless user experience for developing and executing any automation task on a Citrix server, especially for remote workers.

Employees who once exclusively relied on information technology (IT) departments to make a change request are now empowered to automate Citrix functionality, boosting productivity and end-user satisfaction. With the Citrix Remote Controller feature in Kryon’s Dynamic Commands, both in-office and remote workers can automate repetitive, time-consuming business processes in Citrix environments with unmatched speed, ease, and accuracy.

“Enterprises are under increased pressure to provide tools that enable employees to work from anywhere, including automation tools that help workers delegate repetitive tasks to intelligent bots. Kyron is expanding our integration suite to allow Citrix users to have immediate access to business-critical information in a secure environment with our RPA platform,” said Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon. “As a certified trusted partner with Citrix, which is used by nearly all of the Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, this native integration will enable unmatched RPA scalability for workers, wherever they are based.”

By integrating with Citrix, whose digital workplace solutions provide immediate access to technologies for the rising remote workforce, Kyron is improving the user experience for RPA developers and business users. Target applications can reside entirely on a Citrix server and will share the same experience as working with applications running on the same machine.

For more information about the Citrix Remote Controller feature in Kryon’s Dynamic Commands, and how it helps automate Citrix environments, please visit the Citrix Marketplace.