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Kryon Professional Services

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The robotic process automation (RPA) journey has one clear goal – getting advanced technology to take the strain when it comes to repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more productive and profitable activities instead. A successful RPA adoption can deliver substantial cost savings, increased productivity and other strategic gains to give today’s businesses a significant competitive advantage.

RPA technology is here and growing. When you see its value to your organization, no matter if you plan to automate one process or you’re looking to see what else you can do after automating hundreds of tasks, we’re at your service to help you do it right.

Easy Does It

At Kryon, we have an unwavering commitment to make sure you get the RPA job at hand done no matter what. Our RPA services team has helped companies of all sizes – and people with varying levels of automation experience – to automate their business processes and maximize their ROI.

We take great pride in how easy it is for anyone to use our RPA solutions and get projects up and running in no time with minimal training. All you have to do is run the Kryon Process Discovery™ tool to identify the most suitable candidates for automation, and then choose which of Kryon’s intelligent RPA solutions (attended, unattended or hybrid) will best get the job done. Our highly intuitive and easy-to-use applications give you full control right from the start.

But we also understand that you might need a little help to really get the maximum benefit from RPA. This is precisely where Kryon Professional Services comes in. Our dedicated robotic process automation services team is here to support you throughout your whole automation journey with trouble free, tailored deployments that dovetail perfectly with your company’s unique challenges, providing exceptionally fast time to value while enabling scalability and ROI maximization.

How Can We Help?

Kryon’s RPA Professional Services consist of a full set of modular support capabilities, covering four essential areas, that fit together to make your RPA adoption even smoother.

Automation Business Analysis

As with any project, preparation is everything – and Automation Business Analysis guides you expertly through this critical stage of automation. Here, we use Kryon Process Discovery™ to identify the business processes that are ideal for inclusion in your automation project. We document our findings in a transparent and easy-to-understand way and prioritize the discovered processes by to their potential cost and time savings. Next, we build a custom solution design for your RPA development. To make sure that you meet your financial objectives, we provide RPA business analysis training and generate a ROI insights report. Armed with this information, we then work to optimize your business and automation processes to attain the best possible ROI.

Building a Center of Excellence

A Center of Excellence (CoE) is a vital element in making a successful automation project outstanding, and we highly recommend that you consider establishing one in your enterprise. An effective CoE determines and supervises strategy around governance, management, security, developers’ roles, templates and working with different business units. Kryon Professional Services can provide you with an expert project manager to help you set up your CoE from start to finish, so you can better gather, assess and handle the necessary knowledge and capabilities needed to effectively deploy your RPA solution and scale it up should you choose to automate more processes in the future.

RPA Development

The goal of RPA Development is to deliver the automation wizards that you need, when you need them, all running in a fully-functional production environment. We achieve this by taking care of installations and upgrades, continually sharpening things up with ongoing automation process optimizations and other improvements. We also offer RPA Development as a Service (DaaS), where we create the right RPA workflows for your specific requirements, comprehensively test them, prepare for production deployment, and monitor and maintain the deployment’s performance once it goes live.

RPA Managed Services

Kryon’s RPA Managed Services draw together all the different elements of our Professional Services portfolio to offer a full end-to-end solution covering the entire RPA lifecycle. The process begins with Automation Business Analysis to identify which processes should be automated and in what order. Next is the RPA Development stage, where we put all this information into action by building and testing the workflows and preparing the production environment for deployment. Simultaneously, we help you build your own dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) to define RPA governance and management strategies, as well as to give your developers all the tools that they need to take your automation project to the next level and beyond. And because we know that success breeds even more success, we remain on hand after deployment to fine-tune your solution in a process of continuous optimization.

No Sweat Automation Today

Here are just a few examples of how Kryon Professional Services has helped enterprises like yours to maximize their RPA value – and make life even easier:

  • Automating thousands of business processes, including inventory management, invoice processing, data retrieval and report generation
  • Automating IT processes, including installations, FTP download and backup, server and application monitoring and file and disk management.
  • Web data extraction
  • Data transfer automation
  • ERP system automation

Kryon Professional Services in Action

Amber Beverage Group (ABG), a leading international producer, distributor, exporter and retailer of beverages, chose Kryon’s Professional Services team to implement an unattended automation solution. In a matter of months, ten key process were automated, resulting in:

  • Up to 300 purchase orders per day requiring multiple approvals now streamlined by Kryon robots via desktop or smartphone
  • Improved customer service thanks to expedited processes that were previously done manually
  • Heightened employee efficiency due to a significant reduction in time-consuming disruptions

“We are decreasing manual, non-value-generating processes. This is one of our main goals, because we see that we have good employees with good knowledge, and we can use them for more value- generating processes that offer greater benefit to the company,” said Diana Stafecka, Business Process Development and Central Procurement Manager, Amber Beverage Group.