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Unprecedented Scale
with Kryon Full-Cycle
Automation and AWS

Kryon Full-Cycle Automation

Powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services), Kryon Full-Cycle Automation helps businesses of any size become more agile and accelerate automation programs amid rapidly changing market conditions and the exponential growth of remote work.

Built in accordance with AWS architectural best practices, Kryon’s industry-first Full-Cycle Automation-as-a-Service combines automated Kryon Process Discovery, direct deployment to RPA, and analytics in a single, unified and easy-to-use platform. Together, we’ve taken automation to an entirely new level.

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Kryon has satisfied the rigorous requirements of Amazon’s well-architected framework. Kryon and AWS have partnered to enable enterprises to scale RPA faster and more efficiently. Kryon harnesses the data scalability and elasticity of the AWS cloud to power flexible, distributed RPA deployments for exceptional value.

Kryon’s unique approach—from discovering and mapping processes to development, automation, optimization and continual analysis—provide superior results and ensure successful end-to-end automation initiatives.


Frictionless and Straightforward

Easy-to-understand, transparent user experience is designed to eliminate barriers to entry with no financial, recruitment, or training issues to impede implementation.

Rapid Implementation

Kickstart your automation journey. Immediate set-up allows a bot in production within three weeks – without recruiting and training a specialist RPA team.

Exceptional Value

AWS-powered, cloud-based delivery eliminates the high costs of server infrastructure and associated maintenance.

Scalability and Flexibility

Quickly and easily scale up bots on demand whenever extra automation capacity is needed for a true high-availability solution.






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