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Kryon RPA for Insurance

Work smoothly with legacy systems, accelerate claims processing, improve customer service, ensure compliance, and boost sales

Key Challenges Facing the Insurance Industry

Manual input from different data sources
The insurance industry is burdened with routine, laborious and time-consuming tasks such as manual data-gathering and data entry. In addition to being costly, this manual work is susceptible to human errors and discrepancies in records.
Legacy applications and disparate systems
Traditionally, the back end of insurance firms’ processes has relied heavily on legacy systems and software – some of which can no longer meet the expectations of today’s customers. The implementation of new technologies requires large monetary and resource investment.
Maintaining regulation and compliance
Insurers operate under multiple regulatory jurisdictions, complying with changing rules in capital requirements, transparency and reporting, and customer interaction. Regulatory compliance is non-optional for all insurance carriers and most of them place it in their top three strategic priorities.
Demand for better service
Today’s mobile insurance consumers have a low tolerance for mediocre service and can easily shop around. They expect unprecedented high levels of choice, price transparency, and timely answers to questions. To compete, insurance companies must provide consistent, best-in-class customer experience.

How Kryon Robotic Process Automation Delivers Value to the Insurance Industry

Optimized RPA insurance claims processing
Optimized claims processing

Automation of manual, labor-intensive processes such as sorting, data entry, data validation, and document routing can have a dramatic impact on optimizing claims processing. Kryon’s RPA insurance services enable users to focus more time and resources on higher-value activities such as decision-making, improving the quality of the claims management process, reducing turn-around time of claims payouts and improving customer satisfaction.

Kryon’s RPA Platform helps insurance companies:

  • Reduce time to process claims from days to minutes
  • Save 1000s of FTE hours per year
  • Enhance process accuracy by eliminating human error
  • Standardize process steps

Improved regulatory compliance automation in insurance industry
Improved regulatory compliance

Automation in the insurance industry can play a critical role in improving governance and regulatory compliance. We produce a detailed log of activities, documenting every step in the process. Kryon RPA means more cases can be processed in real-time, reducing the backlog of work that often requires costly staff over-time.

Insurance companies benefit from:

  • Better enterprise risk management through standard governance setup and tracking
  • Ensured accuracy and safety of data processing
  • Flexibility in meeting any upcoming regulatory updates
  • Complete compliance with all the requirements of a process, with 100% accuracy

Non-Invasive deployment
Non-Invasive deployment

Kryon RPA executes business tasks on any system or application without affecting the underlying systems. Kryon works alongside existing technologies, offering a compelling alternative to core-platform integrations or replacements. Kryon’s RPA solutions can be deployed  with minimum effort from IT support teams – no coding is required, significantly lowering costs and maximizing resources.

Kryon’s user-friendly platform enables insurance companies to:

  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) as minimal programming resources are required
  • Achieve fast ROI through non-invasive task automation across all applications, even legacy systems, without requiring complex integrations
  • Scale RPA easily and quickly by adding or changing processes in the platform without incurring any downtime

Streamline Your Insurance Processes with Kryon

Kryon’s RPA in Insurance Case Study

Kryon's RPA in insurance case study
How Kryon Saved a Leading Insurance Provider Thousands of FTE Hours a Year

A global insurance provider needed to reconcile Excel files of its customers’ premiums payments with bank statements (pdf attached to email), and then enter approved payments in the ERP system daily. Manually, this process took between 90 to 120 minutes per customer.

Kryon RPA was implemented to reconcile the Excel files with the pdf documents, verify/approve payments and then enter the information in the ERP system. With Kryon, each payment was processed in just 20 minutes.

Kryon Intelligent RPA Solutions

Delivering Continuous Process Optimization
Identify all of your processes that should be automated for time and cost savings, and let us generate automation workflows for you.
Offload mundane, repetitive and time-consuming business processes to your Kryon virtual workforce for quick and efficient execution on a virtual server.
Kryon Robots empower employees to complete tasks with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, guiding them through processes or automating “swivel chair” activities.
Kryon enhances productivity at every step of your business processes by enabling collaboration between your virtual and human workforces.