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Robotic Process Automation Platform

Robotic Process Automation Platform

Full-Cycle Automation Suite – Delivering Continuous Process Optimization for Your Business

Discover. Automate. Optimize

Discover and Map

Kryon’s full-cycle automation revolution kicks off by identifying which processes are suitable for automation. After our extensive research determined that 70% of automation project resources were actually spent pre-automation, we created Kryon Process Discovery™.

Intelligent Automation

Powered by patented proprietary AI technology, this market-leading tool works unobtrusively behind the scenes to automatically generate a comprehensive picture of manual business processes and their variants, evaluate them and recommend which ones to automate. It then generates workflows instantly.

Optimize and Develop

With a few quick clicks, these workflows are exported to the Kryon Studio for automation design, optimization and development. The Kryon Studio is a powerful, user-friendly authoring tool that lets you develop, optimize and edit automation workflows and have them ready to go within just a few hours.


After Kryon Process Discovery™ has identified the processes suitable for automation, automation bots begin their work. The Kryon Full-Cycle Automation Suite offers three different types of unmatched intelligent RPA solutions.

Unattended Automation

Equipped with intelligent decision-making ability, Kryon Unattended Robots work 24/7 behind the scenes to execute the high-volume, repetitive and time-consuming tasks that your employees love to hate.

Attended Automation

Empower your employees to complete tasks with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency by enabling them to request guidance from Kryon Attended Robots or have tasks automated on demand. Kryon is a market leader in Attended Automation, which can lead to a 70% increase in employee efficiency.

Hybrid Automation

Even the most automated processes sometimes require a human touch, and that’s exactly what Hybrid Automation brings to the party. Kryon is a market leader in Hybrid Automation, integrating your virtual and human workforces to lift your automation strategy to the next level.

Analysis and Orchestration

An automation project isn’t over just because it’s up and running. Kryon’s Full-Cycle Automation Suite lives up to its name right to the end by allowing you to continually analyze your project’s KPIs after deployment, giving you all the tools necessary to orchestrate its different elements for optimal performance, satisfaction and wise decision-making.

On the Cutting Edge of Technology

We at Kryon know that innovation never takes a break. That’s why our Full-Cycle Automation Suite is the only solution of its kind on the market, driven by proprietary, patented AI technology and already thoroughly proven in the field. We excel in four key areas:

Computer Vision:
Automation in Minutes

Kryon is the only RPA company that has five patents in Intelligent Image Recognition and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Our leading recording capabilities – unmatched in the market – enable process automation in minutes rather than hours. The upshot: enterprises can now achieve digital transformation in weeks versus months. Learn more.

Machine Learning & Data Science: A Better Way to Know What to Automate

We use proprietary machine learning and neural networks to simplify how companies identify which processes to automate. Kryon’s Process Discovery shows enterprises which tasks are being executed by their employees, where bottlenecks exist, and how to make processes more efficient for a better ROI – all at a fraction of the time and cost of alternative process analysis solutions. Learn more.

Smart Automation:
Optimal RPA Results

Should you automate through computer vision? UI integration? App integration? Another approach? Kryon lets you get the job done without worrying about how to do it. Simply define what you want to automate, and our platform selects the best way to execute for optimal speed, accuracy and stability.

Cloud-Native Architecture: RPA
Scalability for Enterprise

Kryon’s server architecture is micro-service oriented, designed to fit any organization size or cloud topology. We offer built-in support for multi-tenant architecture including segregation, permissions, and licensing. It’s just another way we’re lowering RPA operating and infrastructure investments. Learn more.

Leading the Way in Visual Recognition

Our unrivalled image recognition technology identifies user actions on screen and knows which elements to interact with, even when changes occur. While other solutions work by remembering the placement of objects in an application, our algorithm recognizes the object even if it has been resized, repositioned, or reshaped. Kryon’s robots capture all actions on the user’s side, recognize them as part of a process, and interact with the application, just as a human would, to complete the process.
Based on proprietary AI technology, our platform:
  • Requires no integration with target applications
  • Works seamlessly on any application including Citrix, web-based, desktop, legacy apps/ emulators
  • Can run business processes across multiple applications
  • Is user-friendly, designed with business users in mind
Visual Recognition with RPA technology

Success Story

RPA Automation Success Story

How HPE Used Kryon to Cut Transaction Time by 42%

HPE needed to migrate customers to new service contracts. The process required manually changing the service level agreement of each contract, which normally took 12 minutes per renewal transaction.


Kryon Unattended robots were given the task of automating renewal transactions. They took care of 66,500 transactions in 30 months versus 71 months (the amount of time if done manually).