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Transform your digital transformation with Robotic Process Automation

What Sets Us Apart Sets You Apart

Kryon leads the way in RPA technologies. Powered by Kryon’s proprietary AI technology, our RPA solutions can address business challenges at every step of your digital transformation.

Enterprise RPA Solutions

From Process Discovery to deployment of virtual workforces that are manageable, secure and scalable for enterprise needs, Kryon offers intelligent Attended, Unattended and Hybrid RPA solutions.

Technology Powerhouse

Kryon is the only RPA vendor on the market with patented AI (image recognition and deep learning) technology. Our computer vision algorithms delivered unparalleled results on any application, without integration.

Designed for Business Users

Designed for process experts with no programming skills. Automated processes are easily created using the visual approach and can be augmented with extensive advanced commands.

Continuous Process Optimization

We look at the bigger picture of RPA to achieve organization-wide process optimization. Our approach involves identifying processes, deploying automation, and leveraging smart analytics to optimize performance.

Kryon Use Case

Kryon Unattended Automation Use Case
More Efficient Credit Card Management with Kryon

A leading bank wanted a more efficient process for issuing replacements for lost or stolen credit cards, risk assessment and reversal of card charges. The existing process was cumbersome and time-consuming, taking FTEs an average of 2 hours per case.

Kryon’s Unattended Automation solution was implemented to reduce manual tasks and accelerate the collection of customer information.