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Easily automate processes on any software platform, with no need for integrations

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Kryon RPA earns its stripes by automating business processes on any application and across multiple applications without integration thanks to our proprietary, patented visual recognition technology. A user simply records their processes and Kryon turns them into automated workflows which can be augmented with advanced controls and assigned to a Kryon Robot for fast and error-free execution.

Kryon’s RPA platform is particularly suited to virtualization technologies such as Citrix and legacy applications which often require complex integrations. By communicating with various UI technologies such as HTML, .Net, SAP and others, Kryon maximizes your RPA across both front-end and back office processes.

Automate on Desktop Applications

With Kryon RPA you can automate processes on any desktop application regardless of its underlying technology. Kryon RPA allows you to record any task on screen and turns your recording into a workflow which you can assign to Kryon Robots for execution. Kryon allows you to automate processes on and across the most common UI technologies using our integration engines: .Net, Java, SAP, and UI. No integration is required with applications you currently use, making automation seamless.

Automate on Web Applications and Sites

Kryon’s RPA Platform makes it easy to automate business tasks on web-based applications. Data entry and extraction, form filing, web app testing, and validations are all examples of tasks that can be automated without the need for coding skills. That’s because Kryon’s patented web algorithm sees and interacts with objects on the screen just as a human would, recognizing dynamic HTML elements across all browsers. Our platform also supports web page script execution via Javascript, jQuery, Selenium, and more.

Automate on Citrix Environments

Kryon’s RPA platform lets you automate manual processes on Citrix environments with unmatched speed, ease, and accuracy. Our unparalleled image recognition technology enables enterprises to automate processes on any application and desktop virtualization technology including Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft Hyper-V. The only RPA vendor with 5 IMR/OCR and machine learning patents, Kryon has automated thousands of processes across Citrix applications using technology that sees the screen and interacts with an application just as a person does, detecting objects regardless of changes in screen resolution and layout.

Automate on SAP

Use Kryon Robots to automate SAP data entry, and data transfer between SAP and other applications. Users do not need to have programming skills or rely on costly IT professionals – our SAP integration enables easy interaction with SAP objects onscreen, allowing you to quickly optimize SAP system processing, read data from the screen and manipulate input fields as required. With Kryon SAP automation, you can eliminate human error, reduce manual-intensive workloads, and improve SAP processing performance.

Automate on Excel

Free your employees from the burden of tedious, repetitive and error-prone Excel tasks with Kryon’s Excel automation. We offer Excel integrations that allow you to use Excel as part of your automation workflows. Read, write and extract Excel data in several formats, create workbooks, run reports, and integrate with other applications via our intuitive drag and drop interface in the Kryon Studio. No need to code or write complex Excel Macros to manipulate data.

Automate on Mainframes

Mainframes and legacy systems remain crucial to enterprise operations across the world’s biggest insurance, healthcare, financial, and communications organizations. Kryon understands this and enables enterprises to automate data reading and entry on mainframe emulators with 100% accuracy. With Kryon RPA, users can easily integrate mainframe application processes with newer systems and architecture – streamlining processes and improving quality and performance across the organization.

Kryon Intelligent RPA Solutions

Delivering Continuous Process Optimization

Identify all of your processes that should be automated for time and cost savings, and let us generate automation workflows for you.


Offload mundane, repetitive and time-consuming business processes to your Kryon virtual workforce for quick and efficient execution on a virtual server.


Kryon Robots empower employees to complete tasks with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, guiding them through processes or automating “swivel chair” activities.


Kryon enhances productivity at every step of your business processes by enabling collaboration between your virtual and human workforces.