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The Kryon Academy offers a range of training courses – from an introduction to RPA and an overview of Kryon’s solutions, to advanced courses on RPA wizard development. You can complete our online courses at your own pace, any time, anywhere.

Courses are intuitive and designed to help you get up to speed on Kryon RPA using step-by-step demonstrations, and examples on the most common applications. You’ll be able to create automation workflows easily and quickly, and have the option to adjust your learning to your daily activities. Once you complete a course, you’ll receive an official Kryon training certificate. Log in now to see what we have in store.

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Kryon Academy Training Courses

Kryon RPA Developer Certificate

Take this learning path to receive your Kryon RPA Developer Certification.
Go through all the different courses, and take the certification quiz to qualify.
Allocate two days to complete this.
Once completed a full training guide will be available for download under “Reference Material.”

For RPA Developers

Kryon RPA Manager Certificate

Learn how to manage your virtual workforce. Take this certification learning path to get familiar with Kryon console, the unattended robot management platform. We will set up the robots and groups, create automation tasks and watch the progress of our robots. Allocate two hours for this learning path.

For RPA Managers

Kryon RPA Developer Workshop (On-site)

A guided hands-on workshop led by one of Kryon’s experts. By completing this course one will become a certified Kryon RPA Developer. This course takes participants from development to deployment, using many exercises and practice real-life scenarios. Participants learn how to test, troubleshoot for issues and deploy processes they developed during the workshop.

For RPA Developers

Kryon RPA IT Administrator Certificate

Learn how to install the Kryon platform and about Kryon Admin, which is the application that handles user permissions, applications, wizard and sensor catalogs and more.

For IT Administrators

A Quick Introduction to Kryon course

Take this short course to become familiar with Kryon’s offering and architecture.

For all users

Choose Your Workflow course

A guide to identifying the work processes best suited for RPA

For RPA Developers and Business Analysts

RPA Developer Introduction course

This course takes you through the basics of Robotic Process Automation with Kryon and allows you to become familiar with Kryon’s solutions and technology.

For RPA Developers

Using Advanced Commands course

Learn how to add advanced commands to the flow of your automation with a drag-and-drop visual interface. Kryon Studio offers over 200 Advanced Commands that allow you to create loops and conditions, run programs, execute script and database queries, manipulate Excel files, send and receive emails and much more. It is recommended to complete RPA Developer Introduction course before taking this course.

For RPA Developers

Best Practices for Automation

This course will take you through the different stages of RPA Development and will give you essential notes based on the experience of Kryon RPA Developers.

For RPA Developers

Time to practice!

Practice creating automation workflows using this step-by-step walkthrough. Each exercise will focus on a different short use case.
Watch this module and perform the demonstrated actions. The modules will pause for you to be able to follow it. Click anywhere on the screen to continue.

For RPA Developers

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