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Kryon RPA Academy

All the tools and training you need to become a Kryon RPA expert

Your Gateway to RPA Success

The Kryon RPA Academy offers a range of training courses – from an
introduction to RPA and an overview of Kryon’s solutions, to
advanced courses on RPA wizard development. You can complete
our online courses at your own pace, any time, anywhere.

Courses are intuitive and designed to help you get up to speed on
Kryon RPA using step-by-step demonstrations, and examples on
the most common applications. You’ll be able to create automation
workflows easily and quickly, and have the option to adjust your
learning to your daily activities. Once you complete a course, you’ll
receive an official Kryon training certificate. Log in now to see what
we have in store.

Why get Certified with Kryon?


Take courses at your
own pace, any time,
from the comfort of
your home.


Gain invaluable skills
that can take your career
to the next level, no
matter where you are

Wealth of Courses

Learn to use over 200
advanced commands
with over 100 modules
to choose from.


Completely free with no
obligation now or in the

All Levels

If you are an RPA
beginner or have years
of experience, there is
great content waiting
for you.

Available Certifications

RPA Developer-

If you’re just getting started, here’s your introduction to RPA with Kryon Studio.

RPA Developer-
Attended Automation

Become the attended automation expert in your organization – perfect for remote teams.

RPA Admin

Learn how to install and manage your different RPA components, including users, with Kryon Admin.

RPA Manager

Manage your virtual workforce of unattended robots with the Kryon Console.


Process Discovery

Remotely identify and automate the best processes for automation within your company.


Automation Journey

Start quickly with an introduction to Full-Cycle Automation including Process Discovery, RPA, and analytics.


Center of
Excellence (CoE)

Gather, assess, and manage the necessary knowledge and capabilities needed to effectively deploy an RPA solution.



Become an experienced Full-Cycle Automation developer with this hands-on workshop and create your own automation program using Kryon’s Suite.



Scale up your automation development skills with this hands-on workshop to boost your organization’s automation implementation and performance.

Trusted by Leading Global Enterprises

"[Kryon] is easy for business users to utilize … [since] it is a visual based tool. You don't need any expert coding knowledge … a couple of weeks training should do the trick."

RPA Developer

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“Attending the advanced course by a T4 Manager, gave me a deeper understanding of what the Kryon solution is able to accomplish. It was extremely valuable to learn through hands-on experience with real life use cases. It was exactly what I needed in order to scale-up our automation implementation and increase the usage and value we get from Kryon RPA"

Automation CoE Owner

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“The RPA Developer workshop was great for me and my fellow developers. We went through examples, and were able to have an expert with us along the way, helping with the exercise was invaluable. Seeing the power of the advanced commands was also very useful. Being able to deep dive through all the various features and then getting hands on experience with examples as well as with our own projects was a key part of our successful automation journey.”

RPA Developer

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“I took the online certification when the product was completely new to me, and everything was useful. The training modules are very good with in depth and easy to digest explanations. It really helped me to understand how the wizards work. The Full-Cycle Automation demonstration was also very useful because you can the whole process of automation works from discovery to implementation.”

Lead RPA Consultant

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