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The Kryon Academy offers a range of training courses – from an introdution to RPA and an overview of Kryon’s solutions, to advanced courses on RPA wizard development. You can complete our online courses at your own pace, any time, anywhere.

Courses are intuitive and designed to help you get up to speed on Kryon RPA using step-by-step demonstrations, and examples on the most common applications. You’ll be able to create automation workflows easily and quickly, and have the option to adjust your learning to your daily activities. Once you complete a course, you’ll receive an official Kryon training certificate. Log in now to see what we have in store.

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Kryon Academy Training Courses

RPA Developer Certification

Take this certification learning path to receive your Kryon RPA Developer Certification.


Introduction to Kryon

Take this short module to become familiar with Kryon’s offering.


Choose Your Workflow

Learn how to identify the work processes best suited for RPA.


RPA Developer Introduction

Learn the basics of Robotic Process Automation and get familiar with Kryon’s solutions and technology.


Advanced Commands

Learn how to add advanced commands to the flow of your automation with a drag-and-drop visual interface.


Best Practices for Automation

Learn from the experience of Kryon’s RPA developers how to create a great automation.


Time to Practice!

Practice creating automation workflows using this step-by-step guide.


RPA Developer Workshop

Take this on-site workshop to learn how to define processes for automation, design them, and more.


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