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RPA and AI

AI Takes RPA to the Next Level


Kryon’s Process Discovery™ leverages machine learning to collect data and identify patterns in how end-users perform processes within business applications. It starts with our Discovery Robots gathering and analyzing end-user behavior. The data is then used to  make recommendations for which processes can and should be automated for better ROI and time savings. In addition, our platform goes a step further, automatically generating automation workflows that can be exported to the Kryon Studio for quick deployment.

Kryon is the only RPA vendor on the market that has patented visual and deep learning technologies. Our image recognition (IMR) and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies enable our robots to see the screen and interact with an application just as a person would, recognizing objects on a screen, even when changes in position, size, or shape occur.


With zero integration required, Kryon enables automation on any business application regardless of its underlying technology. Across Citrix, legacy, desktop and web-based applications, we offer among the fastest automation deployments and change response on the market.



Kryon’s cognitive integrations make it possible to automate tasks that once were only capable of being executed by humans. For example, our integration of ABBYY’s document automation engine increases the usability of RPA, enabling the automated processing of unstructured documents such as invoices, purchase orders, PDFs, emails and more. With this integration, unstructured data is transformed into standardized formats which are readable by Kryon robots.

Kryon Intelligent RPA Solutions

Delivering Continuous Process Optimization
Identify all of your processes that should be automated for time and cost savings, and let us generate automation workflows for you.
Offload mundane, repetitive and time-consuming business processes to your Kryon virtual workforce for quick and efficient execution on a virtual server.
Kryon Robots empower employees to complete tasks with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, guiding them through processes or automating “swivel chair” activities.
Kryon enhances productivity at every step of your business processes by enabling collaboration between your virtual and human workforces.