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RPA for Call Center Automation

Maximize sales and customer satisfaction through fast, reliable and personal service

Key Challenges Facing Call Centers

Rising Expectations
In addition to keeping costs to a minimum and complying with regulations that can change frequently, today’s call centers must meet customers’ high expectations for personal service that resolves their issues quickly. To provide this level of service, CSRs must have a fast and well-organized approach to recording and accessing customer information, both during and after phone calls.
Time-Consuming Computer Systems
Many call centers rely on legacy computer systems that can be slow and difficult to navigate, and many CSRs must work with multiple programs simultaneously – all while speaking with customers who may be impatient. The challenge of multitasking can result in slow service, human error, and a lack of personal attention to the customer.
High Employee Turnover
Call centers have notoriously high employee attrition rates. As a result, many struggle to find an efficient way to train new CSRs and make sure each one has the information they need in order to maintain a high level of customer service.
Lost Sales Opportunities
While CSRs are uniquely positioned to boost revenue through upselling and cross-selling, their success as salespeople relies on having the right information. Many sales opportunities are missed because employees lack important knowledge of their customers, the products their employers want to sell, and what to say in order to make more sales.

Deliver High Quality Customer Experience with Robotic Process Call Center Automation

Supporting your employees, your customers, and your bottom line.

RPA Call Center Automation
Getting Your CSRs up to Speed
With Kryon RPA, it’s quick and easy to make sure your customer service representatives have the training they need to thrive, with a minimal investment of time and resources. Instead of devoting long hours to training new team members, you can assign robots to efficiently guide them through the procedures they need to know. Through helpful on-screen balloon tips, attended call center automation robots can show employees exactly what they need to do, to say, and to keep in mind in order to offer fast, personal, and reliable service.
RPA Contact Center
Improving Customer Satisfaction
By automating many of the repetitive tasks that can consume CSRs’ time and attention, Kryon RPA empowers them to get more done in less time – so they can minimize their average handling time and offer more personalized service. For example, Kryon robots can help them to quickly and easily record the key details from each call, so they can efficiently keep customer files complete and well organized. Robots can also give your CSRs quick access to useful information and help them avoid common mistakes, resulting in higher first-call resolution and overall customer satisfaction.
RPA Contact Center Automation
Boosting Revenue
By enabling customer service representatives to increase customer satisfaction, Kryon RPA helps them to more effectively upsell and cross-sell for greater profitability. In addition, Kryon robots enable CSRs to reach their full sales potential by providing them with useful information in real time. For example, you can set a Kryon robot to automatically provide instructions (or even a full script) for speaking to a customer on the phone based on details in the customer’s file. And when a customer wants to make a purchase, the robot can streamline the process of recording the sale.

See How Your Call Center Can Benefit from Kryon RPA

Kryon Use Case

Kryon Call Centers Use Case
How a Major Insurance Provider Reduced Call Times by 70% in its Call Center with Kryon

A leading insurance company was looking for a way to improve customer service at its call center. Before implementing Kryon’s RPA, customer calls were time-consuming and frequently resulted in delayed customer transactions. as agents needed to retrieve necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) information from multiple systems.

With the implementation of Kryon’s RPA solution, the call center cut average call times by 70%, reduced customer waiting times by 67% and eliminated 100% of human errors.

Kryon Intelligent RPA Solutions

Delivering Continuous Process Optimization
Identify all of your processes that should be automated for time and cost savings, and let us generate automation workflows for you.
Offload mundane, repetitive and time-consuming business processes to your Kryon virtual workforce for quick and efficient execution on a virtual server.
Kryon Robots empower employees to complete tasks with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, guiding them through processes or automating “swivel chair” activities.
Kryon enhances productivity at every step of your business processes by enabling collaboration between your virtual and human workforces.