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Building Your RPA CoE?

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Your robotics team is tasked with ensuring that RPA projects adhere to standard processes and procedures, measure business metrics and performance goals, and meet your organization’s needs and objectives, including ROI and customer satisfaction.

The robotics team should include professionals who can understand the obstacles, opportunities, and benefits of RPA for the entire company. For example, the robotics team should include both process owners who can choose the appropriate processes for automation and validate technical elements, and SMEs that can establish the business case and show its value to stakeholders throughout the company.

It is important to set the key objectives for successful RPA implementation upfront. Your business case should be based on a comprehensive plan that highlights the broader prospect and long-term results of RPA, rather than being solely based on the initial project. This plan should include technical, organizational and cultural aspects of the program.

Important factors to consider:

  • What model do I want to implement (extend pilot in one department or involve several departments from the beginning)?
  • How should I structure the CoE (reporting to, centralized or decentralized, per organization or per geography, connections/reporting between departments)?

Building an effective governance process includes gathering the resources and setting the specific guidelines and steps that are necessary for the CoE to facilitate collaboration and communication across the company.

Steps include:

  • Process selection and prioritization guidelines
  • Maintenance of knowledge centers and support documentation
  • Establishing a change management program to help the company manage the impact of RPA
  • Setting measurable KPIs for your automated processes for performance evaluation
  • Determining best practices and lessons learned that can be applied in the future

RPA is evolving at a fast pace and how it differs from past practices and use cases needs should be understood and planned for accordingly. The CoE is charged with being on top of these developments and ensuring that the organization’s RPA activities, practices, and implementations consider and reflect new advancements.

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