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Key Challenges Facing the Healthcare Industry

There is increasing strain on healthcare providers to evaluate how they can provide the most efficient services for optimal patient-centric care
Growing Population and More Choice
As the global population increases, so too does the need for medical treatment and the choices available to patients.
Too Many Repetitive Tasks
A great deal of the work involved in managing the healthcare system, whether it is related to the smooth operation of healthcare establishments or directly to the patient’s journey, is manual, repetitive and time-consuming.
Although the amount of data necessary for quality patient care is rising, today’s tough data regulations place a heavy burden on healthcare providers to ensure high levels of patient confidentiality or risk heavy sanctions.
Disparate Systems and Legacy Infrastructure
Like many large organizations, healthcare providers often need to work with disparate systems and applications, as well as contend with legacy infrastructure, which can make effective integration between the different elements a tall order.

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