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“The design studio allows advanced drag-and-drop and configuration but lets developers drop to standard scripting and programming languages for complex tasks. Support for both business analysts and programmers, a quick time to delivery, strong professional services, and a straightforward solution are the hallmarks of this promising solution.”
– Craig Le Clair, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester

Here Are Some Helpful FAQs to Get You Started

Is the free trial Studio the same as the paid Studio version?

Yes, but to make it easier for you to try out the software, we’ve opened some of the RPA administrator rights for you to use. In the full version, these rights are reserved for RPA administrators only via the Kryon Admin.

How much does the Studio trial cost?

It’s free! Just sign up and you’ll receive an email with a link to download the software.

Is there a time limit for how long I can use the free trial?

No – you can use our free Studio version for as long as you want. When you’re ready to upgrade to the full version, feel free to contact us.

What are the requirements for installing the free trial?

Internet connection, Windows 7 or higher only, 64-bit, 200 mb disk space, .net framework 471

What do I get when I sign up for the free trial?

You’ll receive an email with a Studio installation file, user credentials to the Kryon Studio, and access to the Kryon Academy which includes the RPA developer introduction training course.

Who can use the Kryon Studio?

Everyone! The Studio was designed for business users which means you do not need any previous programming skills to build automation workflows.

Can I assign automation workflows I create in the Studio to robots?

Yes – once you purchase the full version, you will be able to import and export all your work and reuse it in your live setup. The free trial version does not include Kryon Robots.

Can other people on my team see my content or use my workflows?

No – each Studio trial is based on individual credentials. In the full version, you can create teams and allow for cross-team collaboration.

Can other people on my team who have a free Studio trial see my content or use my workflows?

No – every user sees only what they created in the Studio.

I changed my computer – was my work saved anywhere for easy access?

Yes – Kryon’s server saves everything you created. You simply need to download the Studio again and then log-in with your credentials.

I’m having problems with my download – who should I contact?

Feel free to contact us here and we’ll help.

Do you offer additional training materials after I finish the intro course?

Yes – we offer on-site training and additional courses for our full version customers. Contact us for more information.

Why should I purchase the full version if I can use the Studio for free?

The full version gives you a complete support infrastructure for your RPA operations, including: the Kryon Console (for RPA managers), the Kryon Admin (for RPA administrators), Kryon Robots (for task execution), on-prem installation, additional online training, full support from our Kryon support experts, and more. Contact us for additional information.