Kryon Process Discovery

Automating automation

Process Discovery
Shouldn’t Be a
Painful Process

Want to optimize your business processes? Here’s how it’s traditionally done:

Find and hire a team to observe and interview your employees, consuming their time and interfering with their tasks. Wait weeks for a report, then wait even longer for recommendations. The end result? A list of processes eligible for automation that likely isn’t exhaustive.

At Kryon we believe improving process efficiency shouldn’t be so inefficient.

Developed in-house using patented AI technology Kryon Process Discovery is the only tool in the market that not only identifies processes and makes automation recommendations, but also goes the extra mile by developing automation workflows for you. The result: seamless deployment and hands-free RPA.

Kryon Process Discovery provides full visibility of all your business processes. From the most common ways your employees get things done to the less common edge cases. Our Discovery Robots run silently on your employees’ machines, collecting data on how they utilize business applications to perform their daily tasks. Then our intelligent analytics engine crunches the data, suggesting the best candidates for automation and calculating the time and money that could be saved. Process Discovery doesn’t stop there. It also generates workflows in the Kryon Studio – making development and deployment of RPA easier, faster and more efficient than ever before.


Results for
Immediate ROI

Our Discovery Robots and AI engine analyze more data and learn more quickly than humans ever could (all without bothering your employees). With immediate recommendations and effortless development, you realize the ROI of automation faster.


Kryon Process Discovery maps all your business processes – including the most and least common variants. With a complete map of your processes, it’s easier to recognize the most efficient paths and discover opportunities that may have been overlooked, extending the reach of RPA.


Kryon Process Discovery turns recommendations into automation with the click of a single button. You decide which workflows to automate, and the platform creates and transfers them directly to the Kryon Studio – delivering automation development without automation developers.


While external consultants eventually go home, Kryon Process Discovery is always on the job. Constantly at work behind the scenes, it learns new process pathways, identifies further automation opportunities, and provides recommendations for optimized performance.

Key Features

All the insights you need to optimize your process discovery
Discovery Robots

Running silently on your employees’ computers, Kryon Discovery Robots collect data without impairing employee performance or consuming their valuable time. Discovery Robots are configurable to your specifications, and all the collected data remains securely within your organization.

Visual Process Mapping

See a full display of the data collected by the Discovery Robots – including actions, applications, workflows and variants. Easy to read and understand, our process maps provide you complete information to empower intelligent decisions.

Actionable Analytics

Easily analyze all the data you need, right alongside the process maps. Review high-level summaries or drill down to the details: action type, variant frequency, time taken and more.

One-click Automation

Take decisions and make them reality by exporting discovered processes to automation workflows with just a single click.

Modular Automation Selection

Choose precisely which subprocesses and variants to optimize with automation. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and the decisions are completely yours.

Application Whitelisting/Blacklisting

Keep certain data private by configuring our Discovery Robots to look at actions only on specific applications.

What Sets Us Apart Sets You Apart

Kryon leads the way in RPA technologies. Powered by Kryon’s proprietary AI technology, our RPA solutions can address business challenges at every step of your digital transformation.

Enterprise RPA Solutions

From Process Discovery to deployment of virtual workforces that are manageable, secure and scalable for enterprise needs, Kryon offers intelligent Attended, Unattended and Hybrid RPA solutions.

Technology Powerhouse

Kryon is the only RPA vendor on the market with patented AI (image recognition and deep learning) technology. Our computer vision algorithms delivered unparalleled results on any application, without integration.

Designed for Business Users

Designed for process experts with no programming skills. Automated processes are easily created using the visual approach and can be augmented with extensive advanced commands.

Continuous Process Optimization

We look at the bigger picture of RPA to achieve organization-wide process optimization. Our approach involves identifying processes, deploying automation, and leveraging smart analytics to optimize performance.