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Kryon’s RPA Tools and Platform

The components of today's most business-friendly RPA suite

Not all RPA
Platforms are
Created Equal

The Kryon RPA Platform sets the standard for secure, scalable and cost efficient robotic process automation management and optimization. It’s also among the most business-user friendly platforms on the market.

Powered by our unrivaled patented visual recognition technology, the Kryon’s robotic process automation business tools and platform combines advanced IMR and OCR capabilities to record and

execute processes on any application (including Citrix, web-based, legacy and desktop) – without the need for integration (no connectors/API required).

Our full network infrastructure enables fast and efficient scalability, by providing quick deployment, reliability, and rapid response to change. Our platform also offers the highest level of security through a complete separation of resources, so only authorized users can access or edit specific data.

Kryon RPA Platform Architecture

Process Discovery™

Process discovery shouldn’t be a painful process

Kryon Process Discovery™ gives you total visibility into your organization’s business processes.  Data gathered by our Discovery Robots provides actionable intelligence about all the processes across your organization that are fit for automation, and which should be automated for ROI savings. Our system then automatically generates automation scenarios for you in the Kryon Studio.

Kryon Studio

Designed for business users

Kryon’s robust authoring Studio is where business users develop and maintain automation process workflows. Its intuitive visual interface allows users to quickly record tasks, and easily drag and drop process activities, with virtually no learning curve, so they do not have to rely on in-house developers or external resources.

Kryon Console

Anytime, anywhere

The web-based Kryon Console enables real-time monitoring, remote configuration, scheduling and management of your robotic workforce. The intuitive and interactive dashboard makes it simple and effortless for anyone in the organization to deploy and manage Kryon robots.

Kryon Robots

Your right-hand virtual workers

Kryon Robots are your ultimate virtual workers, helping you make smarter automation decisions and completing processes for you. Our Discovery, Unattended, and Attended Robots support your end-to-end business processes, from gathering data on user performance for Process Discovery™, through executing tasks to optimizing performance.

Kryon Admin

Full flexibility for RPA team management

The Kryon Admin lets you manage roles and permissions for optimal security and scaling of RPA operations. Offering multi-tenant architecture, users can set up completely separate working environments and teams, and allocate resources such as RPA developers, managers, and robots to each team, facilitating in-team collaboration.

Secure RPA Tools You Can Trust

Kryon’s business process automation tools take your security and data protection seriously. That’s why our security features are intrinsic to the Kryon platform.

Credentials Vault

Kryon lets you automate any login process without coding specific credentials into the automation scenario. When activated, each robot can access the target system with its own dedicated credentials.


Enterprises and SIs can host their RPA solution in the cloud and create fully-separate, secure teams and environments. Resources including robots, RPA developers, and more can be allocated to each team.

Roles and Permissions Setup

Control access to the various Kryon Platform components and assign action-specific permissions to users or groups.

Immutable Logs

Kryon audits all mission-critical events and changes with complete traceability into robot history and activities. We ensure the highest level of compliance by securing the logs so they cannot be altered or changed by any individuals with malicious intent.

RPA tools that are Trusted by the Best in the Business

Trusted by the Best in the Business

“Kryon’s RPA solution stood out from the rest due to their intuitive platform, on-demand and friendly support, and extensive capabilities. With Kryon, we’ve been able to automate complex every day activities and we plan to expand RPA to other departments at Ferring.”

Sébastien Gard
IT Director, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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“Kryon’s Robotic Process Automation product was a real game-changer for The Cashroom as the platform does not require IT applications developers to create the automated processes, allowing business users to create, test and run the processes within the space of a few weeks. We were impressed with the speed at which we were able to use Kryon’s Robotic Process Automation meaningfully and the functionality available to us.”

Mike Touhey
Head of Service Transformation, The Cashroom

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“Kryon’s solution stands apart for its user-friendly, fit-for-purpose platforms, including its simplified visual recognition approach to automation. Coupled with its professional service support, Kryon has proved to be a valued partner in establishing an RPA framework that is strong and self-sustaining.”

Na-il Han
Head of Finance Transformation, Allianz SE Singapore

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