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Press Release

Leo Performance Support closes the loop on the Learning Ecosystem with real-time process performance feedback reporting to Learning Management Systems

Tin-Can API

Franklin Lakes, NJ (March 11, 2015) — Kryon Systems announced today they have successfully integrated the Tin Can API (Experience API) into Leo Performance Support software to close the loop on learning-performance feedback reporting. Now enterprise learning and development (L&D) organizations can truly measure and demonstrate the impact learning programs have on business performance via business process reporting directly into their Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The challenge to demonstrate the impact learning programs have on the business bottom line is well known to members of the L&D domain.  Unfortunately, without the means to correlate business process performance with learning program results, there was no objective means to demonstrate this – until now.

The Tin Can API (also known as the Experience API or xAPI) is a specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has (online and offline). The API captures data in a consistent format about a person or group’s activities from many technologies.  By integrating the Tin Can API into Leo Performance Support software, a feedback loop is established between employee performance on business applications and their learning program results.  This feedback includes: employees’ business process performance (be it successful/unsuccessful task completion, errors and common mistakes or deviation from a regulated business process) on any enterprise application.  And because Leo works on a live business environment, the system delivers feedback in real-time.  Consequently, L&D departments can readily identify where learning programs are effective, i.e. producing the desired business results, as well as identifying processes where errors commonly occurred and can subsequently adjust learning programs accordingly.

Bibi Rosenbach, CEO of Kryon Systems explains the importance of this new integration, “thanks to the integration of the Tin Can API into Leo performance support, organizations can truly measure the effectiveness of their training within a live business environment.  The result is the ability of L&D to demonstrate the impact of training on business results while learning where gaps exist and improving programs accordingly.  This capability was the missing link in the learning-performance ecosystem and we are proud that Leo now closes this loop.”

To learn more about Leo Performance Support please visit our stand at the Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando March 23-25, 2015.

About Kryon Systems

Kryon Systems’ flagship product, Leo, provides performance support to enterprises through context-relevant, real-time guidance and/or process automation on any type of software or business application. Leo affords a clear ROI to companies that spend millions of dollars on IT systems, software, training and support for change management and business process optimization by reducing user errors, streamlining business processes, and ensuring fast and successful adoption of new and upgraded software systems as well as new services or products resulting in huge savings for an organization. For more information, please visit or visit our LinkedIn page or blog.

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