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Press Release

I can’t get enough of performance support.

That passion began early, when I encountered the limitations of my own memory. It continues to this day as I discover even more flaws in my memory. Of course, I rely heavily on technology to help me travel, pack, commune, invest, eat and maximize the software residing on my computer.

That’s all good for me. But what of the enterprise?

Performance support is a great idea that is finally working its way into learning and talent enterprises. This movement is driven by impatient executives, managers, and employees. They will not wait for a class to be scheduled. They recognize limitations in what they can remember. They have digital habits that incline them towards immediate assistance via apps and search. Net, net, they want what they want when they want it, and in a form that is targeted, compact, updated, and integrated with the client’s question, the task at hand and their never perfect systems.

A visit to Israel and Kryon Systems provided an opportunity to focus on performance support for software. Moving your people to a new system? Worried that they won’t get it or won’t appreciate it? Nervous because they have been training but aren’t using it? Concerned that they are only tapping a small portion of capacity?

I appear here, slightly jet lagged, in a video about performance support: